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"brows speak louder than words!"

Beauty Industry & Celebrity Favourite.

Microblading has become the go-to treatment for effortless natural beauty, as featured in top beauty blogs and prestigious publications all over the world.

Previously known as tattooing, or the implementation of pigment into fine incisions in the skin, it is a treatment that goes back in history thousands of years, but has recently regained popularity to create realistic hair, stroke by stroke.

The Consultation

I provide a free, no-obligation consultation where we’ll have a thorough 1-2-1 in which we will decide the perfect shape to frame your face. Whether you would like soft and natural or a thick, darker finish, the choice is yours.

We will discuss and choose the colour that’s perfect for you, and then start the journey towards giving you the brows you have always dreamed of!

A full skin test will be given at least 48 hours prior to the *treatment being carried out.

Brow Day

Together we will go over what we decided in the consultation, taking into account your existing brow shape and facial structure. Once the final shape has been agreed I will first re-draw on the new brow shape by hand, using a measuring and mapping technique. I’ll also check the chosen colour against your skin tone before creating the perfect colour for you.

Then we’ll sanitize and apply numbing cream to the brow area, which takes effect in 20 minutes. Then a specialised microblading tool is used to start creating the individual hair strokes strand by strand, while filling with the chosen pigment.

The entire appointment time is approximately 2 hours.

What To Expect

Your new brows will take about 14 days to fully heal. The brows may appear to darken within this time frame whilst they are healing but the colour will lighten into the chosen shade within this 14 day period.

You may experience some dryness and flaking of the skin after your treatment, but this is normal whilst the healing stage takes place and will only be noticeable close up and last up to around 7 days.

You will need to have a brow follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment, to build up any colour fade and perfect the shape. This process is part of the 2-step microblading treatment and is included in your treatment price


Full aftercare will be advised at the time of appointment and a specialised aftercare gel will be given to you to apply twice daily for 7 days. Its important to avoid the following for 2 weeks after treatment: Sunbeds, Swimming, Facials, Saunas, Excessive Sweating and Brow Makeup.

Your bespoke brows will last up to 18 months depending on individual skin type and circumstances i.e skin thickness, skin type, chosen colour. Your new brows will fade naturally and gradually.

Is Microblading For You?

Microblading is suitable for anyone who is looking for beautiful brows! But, commonly these are the issues that most men and women seek out Microblading for, as the Number 1 solution.

Thinning brows due to medical reasons

Over-tweezed eyebrows

Fair brows that you apply make up to daily

Scarring through the brow area


How much investment do you need to make in order to… Wake up with perfect brows each and every morning? Never worry about shaping your brows again? Look good working out and swimming with no makeup on?

Perfect Brows

Prices between £200 – £250 depending on desired brow enhancement, this will be discussed and agreed at time of consultation.


3-6 months  – £45
6-12 months  – £100
12-18 months  – £125
If you decide to go ahead with your new brows, a non-refundable £50 deposit will be required to secure your booking. Appointment dates can always be rearranged if needed.

Brow Buddies

If you and a friend book an appointment together you will both receive £25 off your
treatment price.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer as many popular questions as possible, but if you have anything not covered here, please just get in touch!

Does It Hurt?

We do the best that we can to ensure a comfortable experience from start to finish. To minimise discomfort, Niki will apply a superior numbing cream to the treatment area. Nine out of 10 customers feedback that they don’t experience any discomfort and for those who do, the discomfort is similar to that of tweezing. #NoProblem


Some people may experience redness and minor bleeding due to individual skin thickness and tone, this can also cause colour fade to happen quicker.

HOW LONG DOES The treatment TAKE?

The entire appointment time is approximately 2 hours.

HOW LONG Does microblading last?

Your bespoke brows will last up to 18 months depending on individual skin type and circumstances i.e skin thickness, skin type, chosen colour, Your new brows will fade naturally and gradually.

Do you do touch-ups?

Touch up’s can be done whenever you require to refresh your brows, make minor
changes, darken colour or fill in any hair-loss gaps. There is a separate price for touch ups as this won’t involve as much detail or time as your initial microblading treatment. This can be discussed further at your consultation.


Yes. Fully licensed with the council and insured.

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